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7 Minute Chaplet St Patrick Novena Beads Patron of Conversions CH10

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A 7 minute chaplet is just that, a devotional prayer which takes about 7 minutes to say, comprised of a prayer to the Saint, with your petitions, followed by 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary's and 3 Glory Be's.

St Patrick was sold into slavery at a young age and escaped as a young man. He became a priest and was commissioned by the Pope as a missionary to his beloved homeland, Ireland. He is credited with thousands of conversions to the faith and is considered an intercessor for conversions of loved ones.

This little chaplet can be said as a short prayer set to be said for 9 days for a special intention, or daily as a devotional to your favourite saint. This chaplet has Irish green oval glass beads, a detailed Irish Penal crucifix and lovely color medal of St Patrick. Includes a nice prayer card too!

Irish Penal Crucifix

The crucifix has various symbols of the Passion:[2] a hammer for the nails of the cross; a halo for the Crown of Thorns; a jug symbolizing the Last Supper; cords for binding which recall the Scourging at the Pillar; the spear used at Calvary; a cock and pot, which illustrates an early apocryphal legend relating to Judas the betrayer, and a roasting cock which suddenly came to life and crowed (thus prophesying the Resurrection); and three nails used for the crucifix. Small marks along the side of the corpus indicate a ladder, both for the ladder used in the crucifixion and a metaphor for ascent into heaven.