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Scapular of Blessing and Protection Adult or Display size - Marie Julie Jahenny Package of 10

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The Scapular of Blessing and Protection was shown to the Breton stigmatist, Marie Julie Jahenny also known as "La Fraudaise". It is a special scapular to be worn as an act of faith during the times of the Great Chastisement. This scapular meets the specifications given by Heaven.

3 1/2" x 4 1/2" size Package of 10. Comes with leaflets. These scapulars have not been blessed.

Ecstasy of 23th August 1878

“Here is what the Holy Virgin shows me on Her Immaculate Heart : it is a large scapular, larger than ordinary scapulars, a bit larger than the palm of a hand. It’s a beautiful purple, almost the colour of violet. This is what is on it : in the middle, there are the three nails which crucified Our Lord on the Cross, they are all touching each other, not quite in the shape of the Cross and at the tip of each nail, there is a drop of bright red blood. Above the nails heads, there is a sort of big sponge, which has what is like a skin, which could come off, it is a bit like a round stack of oats. The three drops of blood are shown coming together, about to fall into a little chalice painted in red, and the chalice is surrounded by a crown of thorns, there are three little Cross engraved on the front of this chalice. This is one side of the scapular, which the Blessed Virgin is wearing on her cloak.

“I notice that this scapular is held in place by two violet-coloured straps which go over each shoulder, there are three knots on the left shoulder and two on the right one.

“The other side of the scapular portrays the Blessed Virgin Mary sitting down, holding her adorable Son in her arms, the mouth and head of Our Lord are laid against the heart of the Blessed Virgin. At the bottom of the scapular, and almost at Our Lord’s foot, there is an angel dressed in white, with curly hair, wearing a white crown on his head, and a red belt. He is holding in his hands a white cloth, with which he wipes Our Lord’s feet. Beside the angel, to the right of the scapular, there is a picture of a ladder. Behind Our Lord, to the left, there is the reed from the Passion painted in red, but there is no sponge. To the right, can be seen the tears of the Blessed Virgin which fall on Her breast, stopping at the Angel’s feet. There is a red border around the scapular and the straps are made of wool.

“Now my dear child, says the Blessed Virgin Mary to me, let me give you the explanation of this scapular. I am addressing you, my victim and my servitor. My children of the Cross, for a long time now, my Son and I have desired to make this scapular of benediction known. This scapular, my children, is made to all intents and purposes on my Heart, because my Heart is the emblem of simplicity and humility – that is why the violet colour. The nails that pierced the Feet and Hands of my Son are venerated very little and they merit veneration – that is why my Son, in His divine wisdom, has three nails painted on the front of the scapular. The three drops of Blood and the chalice represent generous hearts that collect the blood of my Divine Son. The red sponge will represent my Divine Son drinking, in a way, His children’s sins which, however, His adorable Mouth refuses. I desire that the background of the scapular be of a violet colour, but I would like the nails, the chalice, the sponge, and the crown to be on a piece of dark red flannel.

“The Blessed Virgin Mary presents the scapular to Our Lord who says in His turn : “I am addressing myself to you, my victim, and also to my other victims and My servitor, my children of the Cross. I want to reveal to you an idea, a profound thought – it is for this reason I have come now. I wish to speak to you of the time when I was taken off the Cross and entrusted to My Mother – this descent, this matter for reflection, is a devotion, which is little known. By producing this scapular, I would like that these moments penetrate into the hearts of the children of the Cross, and that they would salute me by these three salutations :

– I salute You, crucified Jesus, for keeping me alive.

– I salute You with all the joy of the Angels and Saints during Your descent from the Cross.

– I salute You with the sadness of your Mother when You were laying on her Heart and on her Immaculate knees.”

“My children, very few souls think of wiping the adorable Wounds of My Feet when the blood flows. I would like this representation of Me to be made known. Similarly, there are few who think of the tears shed by my Mother during My Passion; those tears are at the feet of the Angel who wipes My sacred Feet. By means of this scapular, I would like you to think of this ladder, this reed and those nails of My Passion.

Promises attached to Scapular

“This scapular, which is being presented for the first time, will accord a new protection for the time of chastisements, calamities, and famine. All those who wear it, will be able to be out in times of tempests, storms, and darkness – they will have light as in full day. This is the power of this unknown scapular.”

“My children, each soul, each person who possesses this scapular will see his family protected, his home will also be protected, first of all from fires which will never be able to penetrate inside. This scapular will strike down any ungrateful people who will blaspheme My Name in the house where it will be exposed. If an impious person enters the home, he will be struck with such strength that his conversion will not be long coming. All those who will wear it will be preserved from thunder, sudden death and accidents. During the chastisements they will be protected. Whoever will place it in the Holy Temple, will ward off from there all the impious and any profanations. Our Lord adds again that by calling to mind this scapular to a stubborn soul at the hour of the death, it will awaken in the soul, faith and conviction. All those who will think of it and love it, will be spared affliction of the soul. All those who will wear it, will be safe from all danger, as if they were already in Heaven. Finally, this scapular will be a means of offsetting the blows of the just Divine Anger which thus, will not weigh down on souls.”

Our Lord says again :

“Every priest could bless this scapular. When wearing this scapular, souls should pray 5 or 7 times the CRUX AVE and meditate from one to three minutes on My Holy Passion. I will grant great graces to those who would like to wear this holy Cloth.