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Mother Marianna de Jesus Torres One Decade Pocket Rosary Our Lady of Good Success PKT13

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Handy, sturdy, one decade pocket rosary. Great for those times when a full size rosary is inconvenient, like coffee break or a walk to the bus stop

Beautiful full color center is double sided with the image of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres on one side and the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success on the other! Lovely Czech made Cathedral glass beads in a marbled blue!

Durable hand made linking and a beautiful black enameled St Benedict medal crucifix!

*This pocket rosary features our deluxe ringed linking which eliminates binding and makes a sturdier rosary!

Every rosary in this shop comes with a prayer leaflet.

Made by hand in Canada

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries there lived in Quito, Ecuador, a Spanish nun whose little-known but extraordinary life has a direct connection with our days. Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa, a nun of the Conceptionist Order, surpassed the already strict discipline of her congregation in the traditional penances she undertook. Beyond even those, she lovingly accepted unprecedented sacrifices and sufferings directly asked of her by Our Lord and Our Lady.

Her frequent contact with heavenly beings and her supernatural sufferings stand in such contrast to the ways of our impious century and are so extraordinary in themselves that a word needs to be said of their credentials.

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