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Brigittine Rosary St Brigit of Sweden St Benedict Medal Crucifix BR57

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One of the oldest most indulgenced rosaries in the Church, the Brigittine rosary features 6 decades and is complete in it's 63 Hail Mary's unlike the Dominican rosary which is complete in 15 decades (5 decades x3).

Long considered the peasant's rosary, it has no "assigned" mysteries, it is left to the user to contemplate their favorite events in the Blessed Virgin's life of 63 years (thus the 63 Hail Mary's).

This Brigittine rosary features a beautiful glass dome full colour picture center of St Brigit of Sweden. Nice plump oval faceted crystal glass beads, with a glittery AB coating. Really lovely!

Crucifix is solid wood with St Benedict medal.

This rosary isn't overly heavy and feels so nice in your hands! Makes a beautiful unique gift!

Made by hand in Canada